Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Girl Effect

I have been following The Girl Effect on Facebook and Twitter.  I know that we have a situation on our hands.  The clock is ticking.  I want to help.  Why? I attended an all girls school in a developing country.  Our school motto was "Life More Abundant." I support the education of girls.  I support the abundant life for all girls. I am against child marriage.

On this day October 4, I am joining The Girl Effect and blogging in support of  investing in the education and safety of  girls in the developing world.  I don't understand why investment in female education as an effective solution to global poverty is considered such a radical idea.  After all, it is a fact that educated girls grow up to be women who send their own children to school and pull their family as well as their village out of poverty. Imagine what all educated women joining together could do for the world. 

Take a look at this video about an 18 year old Ethiopian girl.

Yeah! Girl Effect!  Learn more. See what you can do to help. Tick tock.

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