Saturday, August 24, 2013

What are you reading this weekend?

I am reading the fourth book in the Hangman's Daughter series, Poisoned Pilgrim by Oliver Potzsch.  I am on page 264 and so far some relics and a monstrace are missing, monks have been murdered, the abbot's brother is missing, and there is talk of an automata running around as if it may be possessed.

Book of the Month: Revolution

It's been a while. I am still reading but have not had time to blog about my readings. Our club chose Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly for the month of August. This is a Young Adult book. I could not identify with the teenage angst in the first 60 pages of the book. The book became interesting to me when the main character, Andi Alpers, a teenaged musical genius went to Paris and found a diary, written by a teenager named Alexandrine, in a guitar case. The diary was all about her life during the French Revolution and specifically her connection with the royal family.   I would give this book 41/2 out of 5 stars.