Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally, Thing 23 of CPD23

This is the end of my online professional development training. I did not get around to exploring Evernote or Pushnote. I found Prezi interesting but challenging. I am more engaged with social media than ever before; I have stopped lurking and have started adding more comments on other people's blogs and tweets. I learned how to make a podcast and for that I am pleased. I enjoyed the section on Advocacy, Mendeley, and screen capturing tools. The periodic reflection was useful. Reading other people's routes and roots was worthwhile and interesting.

How do I feel about CPD23 in six words?  My first response was: Current and more aware than ever. After reading Nobul Librarian's blog, this sentence came to me: Tinkered with Things, learned some Things. Can you tell I am a fan of six word memoirs at Smith Magazine? I look forward to reading how creative everyone will be with this six word challenge.
Task 2: Professional Development SWOT Analysis

1. I like to learn new things.
2. I learn quickly. 
1. I am slow to get on the tech track. Gosh, I just bought my first Ipod this year.
2. Location. Few libraries and museums in the area where I live; few opportunities to network through volunteering. Chances a library conference will be held in this area is small..
1. Online Courses. I can look for free professional development courses,similar to CPD23, where I learn at my own pace.
2.  Non-Library Organizations. If I don't use all the CPD23 Things on the job, I belong to/volunteer with non-library organizations where I can practice much of what I have learned.
3. Time. I have a four day work week so there is time to volunteer, learn some new skill, research and write.
1. The economy is a threat right now as it creates uncertainties in the work place and affects budgeting for F2F conferences.
2. Fear of the unknown.


Lauren said...

Hi Janice,
up front and honest on your SWOT -that's hard
do you run an online bookgroup? seems like you'd be great at it. Best wishes for the future!

Janice said...

Thanks, Lauren, for your comments.