Sunday, October 23, 2011

212 Degrees: The Extra Degree

 I am reading a very inspirational book titled, 212 Degrees by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson.  Water is hot at 211 degrees.  If you raise the temperature of water to one more degree then the water will boil and turn to steam. Steam can power a locomotive. That is an analogy that shows that one extra degree of effort can yield exponential results. 

This book calls for persistent and additional action and commitment.  There are subsections titled 212 degrees thought and commitment.  For example, there is a 212 degrees thought impressing on readers the importance of one more act of kindness with a 212 degrees commitment to doing good, a 212 degrees approach to stop complaining plus a 212 degree commitment to put that thought into action, a 212 degrees approach urging readers to pause, reflect, and act plus a 212 degrees commitment to do so twice weekly.  There are many readers, including myself, who need the challenge to step out of our comfort zone at least once each week to create more opportunities and more possibilities.

It's time to turn up the heat! say Parker and Anderson.

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