Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Shepherd Dreamer

I am enjoying The Alchemist It is the story of Santiago from Andalusia, Spain. He is a shepherd boy who has been having the same dream and the dream has no end. After consultation with a gypsy about his dream, he begins a personal journey. On the spiritual level he seems to be on a journey to find his personal destiny and on the physical level, he is on a journey to find treasure in Egypt. I am interested at this point to find out if the physical and spiritual will connect. He is inspired to seek the treasure to woo the daughter of a merchant but in Africa he meets and falls in love with Fatima, a daughter of the desert. I am curious as to how this love story really turns out.

One key message that comes up is that when you want something, the universe conspires to help you. Along the journey Santiago meets a mysterious old king, a vendor of crystals, an English scholar who is seeking an Alchemist in Africa, and he meets the Alchemist himself. all these are persons that the universe has sent to him to help him on his personal journey. One truth Santiago learns from the Alchemist is that when one possesses great treasure within nobody believes you.

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