Monday, January 17, 2011

The Ape House - January Book Club Selection

I am at page 236 this morning. The story is way below the standard of Water For Elephants, also by Sara Gruen. The book has drama and I am committed to the main characters, John, Amanda, and Isabel, but something is lacking in the story. What exactly I can't seem to verbalize yet.

So far John ends up covering the story of the bonobos for a tabloid when he really wants to produce writing that is Pullitzer Prize worthy. His wife wants to be a novelist but ends up in Hollywood as a script writer who bows to pressure to look like the other fake folks of Hollywood. Isabel is obsessed with getting custody of the bonobos who are put on a reality TV show by the new owner, a producer of porn, so that viewers can watch the sex acts of the animals.

Maybe what I don't like is all the minor issues going on with the main storyline that do not seem to relate to rescuing the bonobos such as, Amanda wanting a baby and John being scared, Amanda being angry with her interfering mother, John saving a man from a burning meth lab and inheriting a dog. Perhaps as I read on I will see how the issues all connect.

Read what one reviewer thought about the story.

Water For Elephants by the way is now a movie to be released in April.

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