Monday, November 15, 2010

We're Reading "The Blood of Flowers"

We meet this week to discuss the historical fiction of The Blood of Flowers, a coming of age story set in 17th century Iran. The writer is Anita Amirrezvani and this is her first book.

The main character and narrator is a fourteen year old girl who is forced, along with her Mom, to relocate to a big city with relatives because her Dad died suddenly. She loves making rugs and much of the description in the novel is about the knotting involved in rug making.

On page 83 the narrator's uncle explains that rugmakers protest evil by reminding the world of beauty. Beauty is likened to a tonic. He explains to the niece that carpet designs have to have unity and integrity to achieve a beautiful design.

This novel educates the reader about the concept of temporary marriage. When the narrator reached the age of 16, her mother agrees to have her enter into a temporary 3 month marriage contract with a well-to-do older man.

I am at the point where the narrator is hoping to please her husband sexually so that he may extend the temporary contract into a permanent one. She is also hoping to master her rugmaking skills and make a big sale. This would enable her and her mother to leave the Uncle's residence. While the narrator and the uncle get along well, the uncle's wife treats her and her Mom like servants.

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