Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Waycross College Library pics

Waycross College's renovated library. The college logo at the entrance and on the main doors are covered up. The big reveal will be March 23. There are just so many things to consider when designing or renovating a library. These are just a few elements other than cost:
  • Lighting – natural light, energy efficient lighting, security lighting, glare reduction
  • Space that facilitates social networking and collaboration as well as privacy and independent study
  • Specialty spaces: group study rooms; student and faculty lounges; commons area with vending machines/a setting for special programs – book club meetings, book events, art exhibitions; storage spaces
  • Acoustics – location of noisy equipment e.g. photocopy machines, carpeted areas for noise reduction
  • Temperature control for collection preservation, for comfort
  • Indoor air quality –ventilation
  • Furniture – size, shape, color, quantity
  • Placement of furniture
  • Shelving: expandable, height, depth, quantity
  • Ambience - plants, color of carpet, artwork, color of wallpaper/walls

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Anna T. Ham said...

Looks very nice. I must come and see.