Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Sophisticated Strip Tease

I thought this was an interesting comment from Jamaican educator and columnist, Carolyn Cooper, about autobiographies, "Writing a biography is a tricky business. It's a sophisticated strip tease. You want to disclose enough to intrigue your audience but you don't really want to fully unclothe yourself in public." She could not find any juicy details about the marriage or love life of former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Edward Seaga, in his book titled, My Life and Leadership. Mr. Seaga's first wife was a much loved Jamaican beauty queen and when that marriage failed after many many years, he took on a second wife who is a few decades younger than he is.

Here is another comment about Seaga's book. Interestingly, the book includes the surprise visit of the Jackson Five and their mother to his residence. The book is available through independent sellers on amazon right now.

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