Saturday, January 14, 2006

Reading Group Choices

While browsing for reading guides on the internet, I came across a site called Reading Group Choices. There is an interview on that site with Donna Seaman, writer of a book called, Writers on the Air: Conversations about Books CHECK THIS OUT

I learned from that interview that over 5 million Americans belong to reading groups.

Seaman also gave advice for selecting books for discussion. She said we should consider those books that are "rich in complex ideas, books that grapple with the big questions and don't offer easy answers. Books that are beautifully written and do not pander. I would suggest going back in time and reclaiming significant novels if book club members aren't familiar with them, and I would recommend selecting books about cultures and places different from those of the group". Link to the INTERVIEW

We certainly have been selecting books about other cultures and places: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, India. Here is a non-fiction book suggested by Charlotte that we can think about:
The Lost Daughters of China by Karin Evans.

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