Monday, January 30, 2006

Much Ado About Something

The most talked about book of the year award goes to.... A Million Little Pieces.

The media will not let it go. USA Today reports that writer James Frey got a tongue-lashing from Oprah last week.

Listen to this interesting discussion on NPR about the ethics of memoir writing.

Because of the controversy, I looked up literary hoaxes on the internet. US News and World Report, refering to a book called, The City of Light by David Selbourne, points out that "the book ran into a little problem when scholars pointed out some curious inconsistencies in the text. A reference to "the incredible noise of a constant number of carriages" seemed odd since sedan chairs were the usual mode of transport in China back then." READ MORE

At least the book is allowing the public to talk about issues like truth and betrayal in memoir writing.

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