Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three Pines Series

As you know my dear reader, I became hooked on Louise Penny ever since reading Still Life, a book club selection,with a French Canadian village setting. I am on page 245 of The Brutal Telling, the fifth in the Three Pines series.  Imagine my surprise when I received my copy of First Magazine for Women, dated March 5th, and found a book recommendation; the 7th book in the Three Pines series, A Trick of the Light.  In that story, Lillian is found dead in Clara's garden; a woman Clara claims she has not seen in twenty years.

In The Brutal Telling, a dead man is found in the bistro, owned by Gabriel and Oliver, in the village of Three Pines.  Oliver knows the dead man but is pretending he has no idea who he is.  Everyone knows the hiding place for the key to the bistro so anybody could have killed the stranger and put him in the bistro.  The question is why was the body moved to the bistro, where was he killed and why. 

Chief Inspector Gamache is on the case with the usual team plus one rookie.  Fascinating story so far especially the sub plot of the old Hadley house which has new owners who want to turn the house of death and evil into an exclusive spa destination.

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