Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Rule Against Murder by Louise Penny

I have been reading Canadian writer Louise Penny's fourth book in the Three Pines Mystery series; A Rule Against Murder.  This is the first story in the series where the setting is not Three Pines.  The setting is a small hotel called Manoir Bellechasse in Quebec.  This story focuses on a family reunion of the dysfunctional Finney/Morrow clan so I am learning about Peter Morrow's background.  Peter and his wife Clara, both artists, have been featured in every Three Pines mystery so far.  Peter's behavior is obnoxious and insensitive to his wife when he is around his family.   There is some discussion about bathrooms that moves Julia Morrow to anger for no reason apparent to me the reader.  Shortly thereafter, by page 87, there is a dead body.  I am curious to find out what that anger episode was really about and who in the family has a motive for murder. 

I am getting a little more background on the conflict between the English speaking and French speaking Canadians. The Finney/Morrow family reflects the superiority of the Anglo-Canadian.  This arrogant family presumed that Inspector Gamache and his wife, guests at the hotel, were guilty of murder because they presumed they were low class Franco-Canadians. 

Louise Penny writes with humor and tries to portray human emotions in this story:  jealousy, vindictiveness, arrogance, and love.   I am now on page 110 and I am enjoying the storyline. 

The first book in the series is Still Life, a Okefenokee Book Club selection last year.

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