Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book club Selection - Scaramouche

I am at an important part of the story where Andre Louis becomes Scaramouche.  This is the background: Andre-Louis is wanted for sedition and has decided to hide from the law by joining a group of itinerant actors who all use stage names.   Andre-Louis took on the name Parvissimus but now the lead actor in a play titled Figaro-Scaramouche is ill. Andre-Louis has been pressured into taking the role of the lead, Scaramouche.  On page 133 he reflects on the changes in his life over the course of a week.  Andre-Louis says that he has gone from lawyer, mob-orator, outlaw, property-man doing manual labor, and now to a buffoon whose role is to move an audience to laughter using sarcastic humor.  Apparently a scaramouche is  someone who is sly, an astute intriguer who stirs up trouble and that is exactly what Andre has been doing since his friend Philippe died.  I am very interested in seeing how this story develops.

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