Monday, September 05, 2011

Things 13 & 14: Online Collaboration & Reference Management Tools - CPD23

I have not written anything before on Things 13 and 14 but I have been experimenting with the projects. I see my fellow learners have left me behind and moved on to Thing 18. 

Thing 13 is about Online Collaboration using Google Docs, Wikis, and DropBox.  Accessing Google docs was easy since I have a google account. 

Everyone is familiar with wikipedia so I have an idea about how wikis are used and I have explored library wikis prior to this adventure into CPD23.  I have never tried to edit or add to a wiki prior to this. I took on the task of registering with the Library Routes wiki, a wiki set up since 2009, and posted my blog link to Thing 10 about how I got into librarianship.  I am not sure if I was successful in posting but I will check later.   I browsed and found out that other librarians added their Thing 10 blog link to this wiki.

If I ever want to start my own wiki or ask students to do group work by preparing a wiki, I know now that I can simply go to or recommend these links: and PBWorks.   This information was useful to me.

I registered with DropBox but I can see I will not be using that much.

Thing 14 is all about Reference Management Tools: Zotero, Mendeley, and CiteULike.  Last week  I attended an online class : Mendeley for Librarians.  I liked the academic social networking aspect, that it does not require a special browser,and that it can be downloaded for free.  I will experiment some more with Mendeley.

This blog about Thing 14: Managing the Sea of Information by Rebecca in Indiana who is a fan of Zotero was very useful feedback for me. 

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