Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thing 19: CPD23 Reflection

Thing 19 is similar to Thing 5. It's all about reflection.

Recall:  I am happy that 23 Things started off early with Social Media encouraging blogging, tweeting, Facebook and so on. Pursuing 23 Things with CPD23 has encouraged me to comment on other librarian's blogs rather than just lurk.  I joined twitter as a PR tool for my Toastmasters club a few months ago.  Thanks to CPD23 I started a separate personal twitter account.
What did I learn?  The three things that stand out for me are Mendeley, Screen Capturing using Jing, and  Podcasting.
What did I enjoy? I have enjoyed learning from other bloggers.  I particularly enjoyed reading how other persons entered the profession.
What worked well? CPD23 has made me think.  I am thinking about library advocacy vs.activism. I don't think I will be presenting at conferences any time soon but I will be looking for opportunities to present to a non-librarian audience. I have done this before; I spoke about some of the issues involved in renovating a college library to the Kiwanis Club last year.
Application: Right now I am satisfied with Camtasia.  I am not sure Jing or podcasts will be applied on the job but the knowledge will be useful. I would like to be more active as an advocate for libraries generally. What library issues am I (should I be) concerned about?  I found this link useful. My answer would be reduced hours, staff, services at public libraries, eBooks and the digital divide, Literacy. These are some links that I am going to look at some more to get ideas: Hobbit Hole, this newspaper article on Andy Woodworth, and the use of


Annie Johnson said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! I have found the same, that thanks to CPD23 I am now engaging more with other bloggers rather than just lurking. Hurray for CPD23!

Janice said...

Thanks for commenting.