Monday, September 05, 2011

CPD23 - Thing 16 Advocacy

Note to CPD23: All right CPD23 I see where this is going.  You want me to be proactive.  You want me to be a real librarian joining professional organizations, speaking at and organizing library conferences, and publishing in library publications.  I just wanted to learn a little more about the technology, people.

Thing 16 is about Advocacy and Getting Published and I am to discuss the following:
  • Importance of Advocacy and Examples of advocacy on my part:  Yes, advocacy is important for job security my own and others.  It is important to me because I believe in equity of access.  I personally advocate for public libraries on this blog.  I still have the Geek the Library campaign on my blog.  I promote frugal library tips on this blog and at my job.  Library Advocacy is part of my job. The purpose of writing for my library's newsletter and the student newspaper where I work, is to promote library use.  Also, I am a Toastmaster. I get the opportunity to speak about my passions at least once per month. Books and libraries just happen to be a few of my passions.  I believe my fellow Toastmasters, who come from all areas of work, have a better understanding of what I do. Now that I am taking this adventure with CPD23, I will check out other ways to get involved as an "activist' and still keep my job ;). 
  •  I just checked out the hashtag #savelibraries on Twitter and will follow @Save_Libraries to see what others are doing. 
  • Thing 16 had a Publication challenge! A prize for anyone who gets a piece of library advocacy published. I must add that I am thankful the section dealing with publishing also mentions publishing outside of library publications -blogs. That is something I know about. 

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