Thursday, August 04, 2011

Zero Footprints: The Passage

Project Noah is experimenting on people with zero footprints, people who nobody would miss, people who have been abandoned by friends and family such as the sexual predators, homeless men on death-row.  Project Noah specifically has an interest in the abandoned 6 year old Amy.  Amy is mysterious.  She seems to speak the language of bears; she has communication powers with animals.  Her visit to the zoo with Sister Lacey turned chaotic.   In the midst of the chaos Amy is taken by Special Agent Brad Wolgast and his side-kick Doyle.  However unknown to Wolgast and Doyle, Amy is suddenly no longer a zero footprint.   The police have an interest in Amy.  The police tracked a murder weapon to Amy's mother hence the interest in Amy herself.  Fortunately, Wolgast is interested in protecting Amy.  Sister Lacey senses it just by looking at him.  Doyle senses it.   Amy knows it. It appears that the trio: Wolgast, Doyle and Amy are on the run.

I am on page 155 and something ominous is about to happen.  Sister Lacey is missing. Sister Arnette senses that something terrible and dangerous is about to happen.  She says some dark force is loose in the world. 

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