Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thing 12: Putting the Social into Social Media

Found a link this morning that related to Thing 3 of the list of 23 Things. It is about being visible on Twitter.  One suggestion was improving the profile.
Moving on to Thing 12.  I am to consider the role of social media in building up networks and a sense of community.
  • are there any other advantages to social networking in the context of professional development than outlined below?:  
  1. Better communication between individuals who may or may not have the chance to meet otherwise
  2. Collaborative working space.
  3. Easy access to other fields of the profession.
For me personally, numbers 1 and 3 have been key.  I get to see what other librarians are doing in their libraries, see how they are thinking, and get ideas.

  • Can I think of any disadvantages to social networking? I would say I spend too much time going from link to link.  Social networking is addictive.
  • Has CPD23 helped me to make contact with others that I would not have had contact with normally? Definitely. I have made contact with librarians outside of the USA and their experiences have been worth reading. Very interesting reading about other people's journey into this profession.
  • Did I already use social media for career development before starting CPD23? Will I keep using it after the program has finished? I made minimal use of Twitter for career development.  I never had a personal account until I started the program.  I only had an account for my Toastmasters Club. I intend to continue using Twitter after completing the 23 Things.
  • Does social networking really help to foster a sense of community? It certainly helps. The need to belong is very strong in us human beings.  Social networking of like minded persons facilitates that feeling of belonging.

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