Monday, August 08, 2011

Thing 11 - CPD23

Thing 11 is mentoring - learning by association with a relevant role model. I have never had a formal mentor for librarianship.  I have learned many things from reading library literature, from my more experienced Library Directors, and from library ListServs.  I read the article on how to find a mentor. It made reference to finding a local group such as Rotary Club or Kiwanis to see their structured mentoring program.   Well, I have been both mentoree and mentor in the Toastmasters Club so I have some idea of mentoring.  The article also said that finding a mentor is about taking opportunities as they present themselves.  This is what I'll do with Thing 11: look for opportunities.  Here's a question that I have: If mentoring encourages reflective practice and CPD23 encourages reflective practice, can I consider CPD23 as my mentor, friend, and colleague?

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