Monday, July 18, 2011

Thing 6 of 23 Things

Thing 6 is about online or social networks. I am hooked on Facebook.  Facebook may well be "the backyard BBQ and LinkedIn, the office".  Personally, I love BBQ. I check in everyday to see what my family and friends, including my former classmates, are doing.  Today, by the way, several family members and friends reminded me with their postings that today is Nelson Mandela's birthday.  

I also connect to causes and network with librarians on Facebook. I raised funds for the American Cancer Society via Facebook, for example.  I have an interest in educating girls and am against child brides therefore I have "friended" The Girl Effect, a non-profit orgaznization. Libraries and Transliteracy is my personal favorite library networking link. In fact, I just saw some information worth passing along: Free Storyworld webinar click here to register. I will certainly check out the LISNPN  with which I am not familiar.

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