Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thing 4: 23 Things for Professional Development

I am still following 23 Things for Professional Development .  Thing 4 was about setting up a Twitter account, RSS feed and Pushnote. I use blogline and google reader. I confess that I need to check in with them more often. Pushnote was new to me but I am not ready to register for one more thing.

I started my tweets some months ago and did the 3 essential things suggested by the wikiman to start: Posted a pic, posted what I thought was an interesting bio, and just started tweeting.

My tweets are about communication and leadership: #oketoast. I check in on #libraries and #CPD23 from time to time.  Here are 3 tweeters I have found interesting:

1.  @Dmguion led me to this copyright link.    Libraries uphold the public interest. Also, he led me to this link on the librarian's job.   It's to be a data hound, guide, evaluator of information, person who checks out meeting rooms and equipment to patrons.

2.  @aavigorito led me to libraries are essential.  Libraries help people improve their lives.

3.  @buffyjhamilton, The Unquiet Librarian, led me to her powerpoint Media 21  According to this post,
learning is now about creating connections and developing networks. Boundaries are vanishing.  The future is about digital media and learning; digital writing and publishing; deeper idea storming, independence, inquiry and ownership.

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