Saturday, June 25, 2011

23 Things for Library Professional Development

I officially signed up to participate in "23 Things".  I want to be an Awesome 2.0 Librarian so I am learning everything I need to know about the web 2.0 world.  Thing 1 was to create a blog. Thing 2 was to explore other blogs and post a comment on them.  I did that a few days ago.   I posted a comment at BookMates, a project of two Seattle-based  readers, because it seemed similar to this blog in that it was about selecting and recommending books.  I also commented on 23 Things: The Way Forward by an Irish blogger interested in professional development.

Today I explored one more blog and the blogger was based in London and in fact used to be in New York.  This blogger has educated me a little about librarianship in the UK. Chartership is a professional qualification earned by practicing librarians in the UK.   Reflective writing is a requirement of Chartership and blogging for this Librarian is one approach to meet that requirement.

I look forward to continuing with Thing 3 and of course I am going to finish reading my book, The Eye of the Crow.


Janice said...

Thing 3 is about creating a personal brand. According to the ALA site a personal brand is about how I want to be perceived. The name of this blog is the name of my book club in Waycross. The photograph is of a lake in Waycross. i want to keep the blog identity separate from my personal identity. I like to change the colors of the blog from time to time.

Janice said... This presentation of digital literacy is very helpful.