Saturday, March 05, 2011

Vivaldi's Virgins

I am reading the epistolary novel and historical fiction, Vivaldi's Virgins. It is not an exciting fast paced book but it is holding my interest because I want to see how the issues are resolved in this story set in a nunnery/orphanage/music school in 18th century Venice. The protagonist is Anna Maria dal Violin, a gifted violinist, who like some of the other children in the orphanage, has no last name so she has been given the instrument she plays as her last name. Her issue is to find out who is her mother and why has she been abandoned. I noticed the character was not as concerned about her father's identity. The cruelty of some of the nuns, the hypocrisy of the catholic priests and the nobility, and the discrimination against the Jews in the area were highlighted. I want to know if Anna Maria will choose music over marriage. Apparently in this century, a woman could not choose both.

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