Saturday, September 18, 2010

Every Last One: A novel

Started reading Anna Quindlen's book Every Last One about three days ago. This is one of the saddest family dramas I have ever read. This is a story about grief and about friendship. The blurb prepared me by indicating that there was going to be a shocking act of violence in the story. I was on edge while reading to find out what the tragedy would be. The nature of the violent tragedy was worse than I had anticipated. This is a tearjerker. It was written to evoke much emotion. If you are a mother, if you have grieved for a loved one, you will be able to identify with Mary Beth, the narrator of the story. Mary Beth is the mother in the story. She was fully involved in the lives of her teen daughter and fraternal twin sons. The writer did an excellent job capturing the teenaged angst that goes on in many homes, the fears and anxieties of every good parent, and the survivor's guilt after a tragedy. Bring out the Kleenex.

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