Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stieg Larsson's book 3

I am on page 82 of The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and Larsson has introudced a new character to the book, Gullberg, retired administrator of the Security Police. I am having a hard time, by the way, keeping up with all these Swedish-named characters. I initially had problems distinguishing Niedermann and Nieminem. Anyway, this Gullberg is the chief of an "invisible", ultra secret Section within the Securty Police, also known as the Firm of the Company. The Section was so powerful it could investigate the Prime Minister of Sweden.

The Section, according to the Larsson's novel, was particularly concerned about Prime minister Olaf Palme and his alleged Russian connections but had no concrete evidence. Olaf, head of the Social Democratic party, became prime minister for the second time in 1982 but was later assassinated. Immediately this rang a bell so I looked it up on the internet. This is historically true. I remember it. It was 1986. Olaf Palme hardly ever used his body guards so he was walking on Sveavagen Street, a major street in Stockhom, with his wife, Lisbeth, unguarded. The assassin was some how freed so the case is considered unsolved. The alleged assassin ended up living in the USA where he in turn was murdered. I smell a cover up somewhere.

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