Tuesday, June 01, 2010

TJ Francis' Ageless Wisdom

I have finished Sarah's Key. Great read. Stirred up a lot of emotions.

I have moved on to the metaphysical Trained By the Great White Lodge Book 1 published by inner circle publishing and available on various online bookstores such as amazon. As you will read in the extract, the writer is a self confessed meticulous, demanding, and fussy individual with an interesting background. (OK I confess, I know the writer).

The point of the book is for the writer to share with us the truths that he has learned from his years with an esoteric (private or secret) group. This is the first of a trilogy by TJ Francis.

I am on page 51 and I think I just read what is possibly the essence of his message which some will consider controversial. It is that we are misinterpreting the will of God. There are no requirements to meet to get to Heaven and no physical Hell if we fail to meet them. On page 50, the writer advises readers to release their fear of God, their negative thoughts and beliefs and replace them with universal Love.

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