Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Destiny and Shadows

Some people like to think that there is just one person out there destined to be their life long spouse. Well, here is an article that will confirm that way of thinking. It's the story of two people born the same day in the same hospital who will be getting married on June 12 this year.

Just last night I was reading TJ Francis' book where he says that we are literally connected to each other. And get this, on page 97 he writes that, "We, the soul decide all that we will encounter, with whom our relationships will be closely linked, what family we will be born into ....". Did those two souls getting married on June 12 choose each other from some other spirtual sphere? Were they meant to be? Hmmm.

Today I was browsing through a new book at my library by Deepak Chopra et al titled, The Shadow Effect. Chopra writes that we have a shared unconscious (Jung's collective unconscious) meaning that we have a shared self; a coaliton of I and we. The concept reminded me of all the World War 11 books I have been reading lately with the bookclub where the collective self (the Nazis and supporters of the Nazis) shows up its dark side; its shadow side. It reminded me of the connectedness that TJ Francis says we have. Of course, TJ also has something to say about our good side and our dark side.

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