Monday, May 10, 2010

A Les Brown inspirational moment

I attended a Toastmaster's luncheon on Saturday in Savannah, Georgia and the guest speaker was motivational speaker Les Brown. He said so many things that meant a lot to me and I want to share one thing that resonated with me.

In that audience of persons (toastmasters) who have an interest in public speaking, he said that we should find our core message and tell our story strategically. I understood him to mean that we could be effective public speakers, storytellers, writers by telling our story in an interesting and memorable way. He gave examples of people in politics who have told us their story in a memorable way: Senator John McCain and President Barack Obama. Les Brown suggested three questions that we should ask ourselves as we think about telling our own story:

Who am I?
What do I have? (talents, skills, experiences)
Why should anyone care?

Ok. I have put this in my own words. Go check out a Les Brown video or buy his books and be inspired.

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