Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have you read the Stieg Larsson trilogy?

I have been hearing about the best selling trilogy by Stieg Larsson but have never read them: The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, the Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

Yesterday I was reading Times magazine at the library and discovered that Larsson's personal life is full of drama. He worked with anti-racist and anti-fascist organizations. He did not marry his female companion of 32 years because married folks in their native country Sweden have to make their home address public. Well, his line of work attracted enemies therefore he needed to keep a low profile. Larsson died just before his books got global exposure and hit the bestsellers lists. His will is invalid so naturally his next of kin, his father and brother, inherited everything including half of the apartment where lady-love lives. There is no palimony law in Sweden. The lady-love says Larsson was estranged from his family. The familiy has denied it. To add to the drama, she has Larsson's laptop with the script of an unfinished novel. The family wants to trade her the script for Larsson's share of the apartment. What a drama!

A fan has set up a website to help lady-love, Eva.


John said...

I've heard some people suggesting the third part of the Larsson trilogy is not as good as the earlier ones. There are doubts, but which book can give me insurance it won't disappoint me. The reputation of the author (his death has increased my curiosity) is huge, so may be the book would be worth the money. By the way, has anybody bought the book from http://www.uread.com/book/girl-who-kicked-hornets-nest/9781849162753? I have heard they are offering the highest discount among the bookstores. Let me know if it is correct.

Janice said...

I read somewhere that the third book is not as good as the earlier ones. I guess we'll have to read all three to form our own opinion. I am cheap. I borrow books from the library. I am not one of those who re-reads books.