Sunday, May 16, 2010


I was once the editor of COLINET News. I worked at a library in Jamaica which was the focal point of COLINET (College Information Network). I am looking at Vol. 8 issue number 1 dated April 1994 in which I wrote on the cover page: This is the dawn of the Powershift Era. All over the globe particularly in South Africa at this time, it is clear that there is a restructuring of power relationships taking place. I made reference to futurist Alvin Toffler who said that the very nature of power was also changing to include the knowledge factor,that is, money, muscle and mind-work: scientific and technological research.

The featured library in the issue was the Sam Sharpe Teachers' College Library. The motto for the college was Service, Commitment, Excellence. There is an article on page 11 written by Librarians Arlene Ononaiwu and Hermine Salmon titled, Social change and its Implications for Library and Information Services: a Jamaican Perspective. They wrote, "A pre-requisite for librarians to contribute to the process of sustainable development is the attainment of technologicl competence. This will ensure speedy and effective delivery of information services. To achieve this appropriate equipment andprogrammes must be acquired and personnel adequately trained in their managment and use."

Having a nostalgic moment this morning. These days I contribute to a library newsletter called, The Bay Leaf.

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