Sunday, October 04, 2009

Silks - Book Club Selection

Our book selection for October is Silks by Dick Francis and son, Felix. This books got some low ratings on but so far I am enjoying it.

The main character is Geoffery Mason also known as Perry, as in Perry Mason, by his racing associates. This Mr. Mason is a lawyer and an amateur jockey. I am enjoying the legal aspects of this novel as Geoffery tries to defend jockey Steve Mitchell in court for the murder of another jockey called Scot Barlow also known as a snitch in jockey circles . I am enjoying the romance aspect as the vulnerable widow Geoffery falls in love with an attractive hardworking vet.

There seems to be a link with the suicide of Scot's sister and Scot's murder. There seems to be a link to a missing photo of Scot's sister and Scot's murderer. Geoffery Mason is under pressure from a thug named Julian Trent and Trent's unidentified accomplice, to deliberately lose the case. What is puzzling is that Geoffery gets beaten up and threatened by Julian from as early as page 52 but does not go to the police. I am on page 280 and I still don't know what the connection is with Julian, the murder victim and the accused.

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