Monday, September 07, 2009

Angel's Game

The club enjoyed Shadow of the Wind so much that I decided to read another book by Zafon. I read Angel's Game. The writing was excellent but the end was very unsatisfying; there was no resolution so it left me with questions. It was a very strange and very gothic book with an element of the supernatural. It is about a writer, David Martin, who lived in a strange towerhouse. It turned out that the previous owner shared his initials; D.M., shared his love for writing, and was a writer. The labyrinth called the Cemetery of Forgotten Books mentioned in Shadow was also mentioned in this story. David was introduced to the Cemetery by Sempere Senior of Sempere and Son, the same bookshop mentioned in Shadow. This Sempere Senior is, however; the grandfather of the Daniel Sempere mentioned in Shadow. David returns to the Cemetery as an adult to hide his novel and to choose a novel. Of course he just happens to choose a book on religion by D.M. The book makes several references to the soul, great expectations, and religion.

The most interesting characters are David and his mysterious parisian publisher who wore an angel broach, smiled like a wolf, and seemed to be the devil himself.

Worth reading if you like the gothic genre. I would actually give it 4 stars.

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