Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Frank McCourt is dead

Just noticed on that author, of Angela's Ashes: A Memoir, 'Tis: A Memoir, and Teacher Man: A Memoir, Frank McCourt died on Sunday, July 19. I read all three but preferred Angela's Ashes. It is inspirational that Angela's Ashes which made him famous, was published when he was in his sixties. Never too late to be a writer.

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Anonymous said...

Angela's Ashes was one of those books that was life changing for me. It left a permanent impact and gave me such a personal understanding of the lives of the Irish poor and a "reverse immigration" story.
Plus his writing it in his sixties is inspiring to this would-be "I want to be a writer" procrastinator.
I was sorry to hear he had passed away. He had a heart for the troubled teens as do I.
May he rest in peace,
Cathy D.
Waycross, GA