Thursday, March 05, 2009

Books and Foods

I just saw an article in Relish dated March 2009 by Monica Bhide that suggests that we go to the site There is a link on that site that pairs books with foods. Take a look and you will see that the book, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, by Janelle Brown, for example is paired up with the recipe for Janice's Chocolate-Lavender Pots de Creme. Janice is the name of the desperate housewife character in the book.

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Anna T. Ham said...

I must confess, I didn't try the recipe because my family HATES carrots! Any others would be appreciated though.

Something that we have been using is sugar free and fat free chocolate and vanilla pudding. I mix them together and add fat free cool whip. We all love it and it feels like a true dessert.