Saturday, November 01, 2008

Money Saving Tips

This is a really different post. I have been reading about money saving tips mostly from Woman's World and thought I'd share.

I have not tried this body scrub but you can try it and tell me all about it: 2 Tbs canned pumpkin mixed with 3/4 cup raw sugar. This is not for the face.

Body Oil: Sweet Almond oil or Safflower oil. I know some folks who use olive oil on their skin. Your skin will not absorb any unhealthy artificial ingredients. I have actually tried the Safflower oil. I got that tip from

Laundry: Skip the pemanent press cycle on your washing machine because it uses more water per load than regular.

Keep your towels soft and fluffy by adding white vinegar to the rinse water instead of fabric softener. I have been doing that.

Storage of vitamins: Keep them in the refreigerator so they will not deteriorate. The potency of the vitamins will last past their expiry date if they are not exposed to heat and humidity. I just started doing this.

Mopping Floors: Add a few drops of Tea Tree oil (about 20) to water and a squirt of soap. Tea Tree oil will kill bacteria. I like Renew Floor Cleaner which I bought at the Dollar Store. I also sprinkle drops of tea tree oil in the bath and the bathroom basin before cleaning.

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