Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lad Lit

Well who knew? If I had not attended that library conference I would not have heard about Dick Lit also known as Lad Lit and Guy Lit, a subgenre of fiction written by men for men. It appears that they are not as attractive as the Chick Lit subgenre if I am to go by this article.

I had heard the expression Chick Lit and figured, correctly I might add, that it was related to the movie equivalent, Chick Flick. Now that I have been enlightened I can see that my favorite fictional character Agatha Raisin, created by MC Beaton, is a middle aged version of the typical Chick Lit protagonist. She is smart, sassy, humorous amateur detective with romance issues. Dead bodies pop up whenever she's around and she always fumbles through and manages to get the bad guys.

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