Monday, October 22, 2007

Library Conference Theme: Beaches, Blogs, and Books

I had the pleasure of attending a Georgia COMO library conference with the theme Beaches, Blogs and Books. I really enjoyed Claire Matturo's presentation on Chick-Lit, Pink mysteries, Chickton, Dick-Lit and Tart-noir.

So what exactly is the popular Chick-Lit? Taken from my notes at Matturro's session, this is the pattern for Chick-Lits:
  • Targets female readers

  • Mystery with romance, no sex

  • Young heroine, 20 – early 40 age group, she’s hip, fashionable, perfect hair and figure

  • Heroine relies on wits not weapons, not violent

  • Heroine is amateur sleuth, smart, competent

  • Heroine is sassy

  • Fast paced, snappy dialogue

  • Humorous tone

  • First person narrative

  • Urban, big city setting

  • Female friendships critical or gay male friend

  • Bad guy is likeable

Pink mysteries are similar yet different:

  • Targets female readers

  • Romance novels with a dead body

  • Book cover is pink

  • Book begins and ends in paperback

  • Women are quirky

Claire Matturro's new book is Sweetheart Deal.

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