Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Year Resolution: Do Just One Thing

Many people are at this moment thinking about making changes in their lives. They are getting ready to write down their new year's resolutions. I am a bit of a pack rat. I accumulate magazines then periodically I purge by taking them to the nearest recycling bin at the supermarket parking area. However, I held on to my Prevention magazine from 2001 that suggested that readers focus on doing just one thing.

If you want to save money next year, do just one thing. How about borrowing more books, DVDs, videos from the library and reducing some of your entertainment budget. Don't complain about how expensive it is to go out.

If you want to make new friends next year, join a book club or a gym or take a continuing education class at the college nearest to your home or work. Don't complain about being lonely.

If you want to get rid of clutter, start purging. Don't complain about the mess you live in.

Focus on one resolution this year or try twelve; one for each month. Happy New Year!

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