Friday, November 03, 2006

What are you reading now?

I just finished reading The Husband by Dean Koontz. It's been ages since I read a Koontz book. This was not one of those weird supernatural type fiction books typcial of a Koontz book. However, like most of his books that I have read this one deals with evil.

I loved this story and it held my interest throughout. The protagonist, Mitchell Rafferty, ia a naive, mild mannered man described as a born optimist despite his weird parents and their unorthodox parenting practices. He has a small landscaping business and is totally dedicated to his wife. His wife has been kidnapped and the kidnappers are demanding $2,000,000.00. He is shocked. He is not a wealthy man and he has no idea how to access that kind of money. To prove that they are serious, while he is talking to one of the kidnappers, he is told to look at what appears to be an innocent stranger walking his dog. The man is murdered in cold blood.

The kidnappers seem to know that Rafferty is a very meek and mild type of person but they did not anticipate that this was a man who would do anything to rescue his beloved wife.

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