Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Alabama Gods, Lies, and Secrets

I actually finished reading the book for January, Gods in Alabama. This story is about lies, secrets and guilt. It is also about being Southern, being Baptist and being an obsessive teenager with a dysfunctional mother. It is the story of Arlene Fleet, also known as Lena, from a small town in Alabama. Just as Karen said, the tone is humorous and you will laugh out loud sometimes. This is why she suggested this book for our book discussion.

On the first page Arlene revealed that she had made a deal with God. God had fulfilled his part and performed a miracle and she had fulfilled her promises to God for 10 years. One visit from a former school mate Rose Mae Lolley was enough to blow the deal.

The plot revolves around the answers to these obvious questions: What miracle? What promises? And who is Rose Mae Lolley?

Arlene is the wanna-be good Southern Baptist burdened with sin and guilt but she is also foul-mouthed and insecure. The language will be offensive to some and the ending is not quite what I was expecting but I enjoyed the storyline and the humor in the story. I could not put this book down.

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