Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The " Untouchables"

We need ideas for interesting non fiction books for our bookclub. I am reading a true story called Untouchables: My family's triumphant journey out of the caste system in modern India by Narendra Jadhav.

Did you know that every sixth human being in the world today is Indian? I can bet they have not even included those in the Caribbean who are of multiracial heritage: part Indian part Chinese, part Indian part Amerindian, part Indian part Black, etcetera etcetera.

Did you know that every sixth Indian is an "untouchable" also known as a Dallit? I am only on page 40 but so far this book is holding my interest. I believe I can recommend this one as a book club possibility. I am learning so much. A whole race of people imposed apartheid on themselves designating some of their own to a life of servitude then they turned to affirmative action to deal with the degrading, unfair and inhumane caste system.

I imagine that all those Indians who migrated to the Caribbean way back in the 19th century were Dallits attempting to find a new and more fulfilling life. This is about an "untouchable" family that stayed in India and excelled despite the 3,500 year old outrageous caste system.

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