Tuesday, April 25, 2006

National Book Club Conference

Avid readers and bookclub members, here is something to look forward to this summer:

There will be a national book club conference at the Intercontinental Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia from August 4 to 6.

This is your opportunity to meet Terry Mcmillan, E. Lynn Harris, Walter Mosely and other writers.

By the way, I checked my visitor stats and discovered I had about 48 first time visitors to this blog. I noticed most people linked to the blog as a result of their search for information on the alleged plagiarism charges linked to young Miss Kaavya. Thanks for linking to the blog y'all even if you did so in error. Leave your comments before you go.

What this tells me though is that this story about Opal Mehta is going to be discussed in the media for some time; thanks to the previous James Frey situation. People far and wide are interested.

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