Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lost: Award winning TV show and literary references

Some of us, including me, are fans of Lost. However, I had to tape last night's episode; it was too gruesome. When I have it on tape I can fast forward some of the scenes, specifically Sayid's torture scenes. Anyway this morning I remembered I had seen some reference to Lost and literary references some time ago. Are the references some kind of clue to some of the mysteries in Lost?

Here is what I found out from Wikipedia. Wikis may not be a reliable source of info but this is not for a research paper.

Sawyer is shown early in the show reading books that survived the crash. This habit eventually leads to his farsightedness. In one episode he reads Watership Down, an account of a group of unhappy rabbits trying to find a new warren because they expect some impending doom. Could that be a clue for viewers? In that book humans are the villains.

In a later episode, Sawyer reads A Wrinkle in Time, a 1962 Newberry Medal Award winning children's fantasy novel. It involves children and their mother going through space to locate a missing father and husband. It is said to have Christian undertones with the universal battle between darkness and light. Another clue?

Jack refers to the novella Heart of Darkness by Joeph Conrad multiple times. READ MORE

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