Sunday, November 13, 2005


TUESDAY, November 15
This is the week that we meet the writers of RING OF LIES. The event will take place on Tuesday at 12:15PM in the common area in front of the Waycross College Library.

FRIDAY, November 18

Remember we also meet this Friday at Andrew's Grill at 6:00 PM to dicuss the memoir The Glass Castle.


Aside from her Southern accent, Jeannette Walls bears no outward traces of the extremely poor, nomadic childhood she chronicles in her brilliant new memoir, The Glass Castle. The tall, elegant MSNBC columnist bravely bares her lifelong secret of growing up with her three siblings and having to eat butter for dinner, make her own braces, and suffer the whims of her artistic, intelligent and utterly selfish parents, one she thought would get her kicked out of polite society and leave her socially ostracized once it was revealed.READ MORE

In this online interview, Jeannette offers an explanation for her mother's behavior, "Arrested development I guess is what it is. I think psychologically mom is around 4-years-old. Intellectually, she’s incredibly advanced. People say she was selfish with the candy; she was selfish in the way that a child is. “This is mine and I don’t want to share it!”

Personally, I think her mother was bipolar!

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