Monday, December 24, 2018

Some Books I Read in 2018

We did not meet often this year and I did not keep track of the books we read together in 2018. A really good book we selected in September was, The Baker’s Secret by Stephen Kiernan. I am sure we read more books. If I can recall them later, I will share.

I read other books on my own that I loved: Night of Camp David by Fletcher Knebel. This was a book published in the 1960s. It became so popular this year, it was published again in November.

This was a year of political books. I only read two out of curiosity but they turned out to be really good: A Higher Loyalty  by James Comey and Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Becoming was divided into 3 parts and written in a conversational tone. It consisted of stories about finding and maintaining balance. Balancing work and personal values;  balancing marriage, work, and parenting; balancing the pursuit of passion with the pursuit of work success resonated with readers, in my opinion.  That’s one reason it’s a bestseller. The stories were also about finding her voice and maintaining her authentic voice with a political spouse.

Here are two more books that I really enjoyed, An American Marrage by Tayari Jones and Children of Blood & Bone, the first of a trilogy by Toni Adeyemi.