Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is eBook Universe

This is eBook Universe and we are just passing through it:

Reading Devices
·         Barnes and Noble
o   Nook Simple Touch -$99  
·         Amazon
o   Kindle (Fire- $79, Touch- $99)
·         Sony
o   Reader Pocket- $100, Reader Touch - $150

Other Mobile Devices
·         iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablet, Android
o   Mobile apps
§  Iceberg, Course Smart, Kindle,  Nook,Kobo, iBooks

Benefits of these devices: light, small, paperless, instant delivery of eBooks, read eBooks anywhere

Free eBooks on the internet

The Big Six Publishers have got to be feeling threatened by Amazon's new projects: Kindle Lending Library 
and the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select which seeks to win over self-publishers.

Here is an interesting article about KDP Select  Amazon is very enticing for those new writers who want to reach a wide audience.   Other than the Big Six and other independent publishers, KDP is competing with Barnes and Noble's PubIt