Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Historical Fiction, Multicultural Books, Memoirs

I completed the reading of Wench two days ago. It had a very good storyline; the writer's choice of words will move the reader emotionally. This was the writer's debut novel. I look forward to reading more of her writing.

I am giving books a break today to watch The Tudors on DVD. All the books on Queen Anne Boleyn and her sister, and Queen Jane Seymour that I read recently, compelled me to rent movies on Henry V111 to learn more about this period of history.

On a very different note, the Book Industry Association of Jamaica reportedly had a book festival last Saturday. Children's writer, Kellie Magnus was apparently one of the organizers These are some of the Jamaican writers who turned out to support the festival: Diana McCaulay, author of Dog Heart; Edward Seaga, author of the biography, My Life and Leadership: Volume 1 Clash of Ideologies (1930-1980); and Robert Lalah, author of the best-selling and humorous collection, Roving with Lalah - Slices of Everyday Jamaican Life.

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