Monday, November 09, 2009

Andre Agassi's Memoir

Ah! The trials and tribulations of Mackenzie Phillps, Hulk Hogan, Valerie Bertinelli and Andre Agassi. I guess I won't be writing a memoir any time soon. I have nothing shocking to say.

Read about Andre Agassi's book appropriately called, Open: An Autobiography. I hope Chris Rock took note that Agassi was obsessed about his hair. I also like what he said in the interview in USA Today,

"The true Andre. I continually change and differ and grow, but this is my look at who I was and who I became. But it's ever-evolving".

We are all evolving. Good thing to remember when we come across some folks with whom we can not stand to be in the same room. When they evolve and change, you may want to have them back in your life.

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