Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inauguration Sermon

This is going to be an unusual post but it's been an unusual week. This post is not about a book or an author but about a sermon and a prayer. I heard in church this morning that the sermon delivered by Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, from the Disciples of Christ Church, the day after the inauguration of President Obama was really good. I looked for it, read it, and am posting it for all to read here.

I also came across an article in the Jamaica Observer on Friday written by Barbara Gloudon, Jamaican journalist and radio talk show host. She had this prayer in the article for the new President:

"Not this time. Let us hear out this one, this time. Let us see the fulfilment of this dream. Let us step away from the ugliness... too much death, destruction, and dishonesty...too much loss of dignity. Time to respect ourselves and others. Time to sing a song of change, change to something better, cleaner, more life-affirming... Keep him safe".

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